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Upstairs, Downstairs: Mauser’s M98 & New M18

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 20, 2018
Mauser unveiled yet another new rifle in its lineup, barely a year after it reintroduced the venerable Model 98. The new rifle is called the M18 and in some ways it could hardly be less like the Model 98. The differences between the two are striking, but oddly enough, so are the similarities.
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Junior Jack Kamp 2018

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 19, 2018
The Arizona Chapter of SCI was proud to once again host the Annual Junior Jack Kamp. In addition to the usual assistance from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the chapter was also grateful to have members of the Phoenix Chapter of SCI help with manpower and financial assistance.
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Wisconsin SCI Chapters Donate UTVS

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 17, 2018
In the fall off 2015, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approached SCI chapters in about helping with a major project they were undertaking.
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A Safari For Camilla

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 16, 2018
Had her PH not paused to take the call, we’d not have had the shot. It’s my only fond memory of cell service afield. A wink of sun on black horn caught my eye. Tall grass hid most of the springbok ram, a long poke away, on the hem of thick thorn. “There!”
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Namibia Announces 2018 Hunting Season Dates

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 14, 2018
The Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism has announced the dates for the 2018 hunting season.
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Hunt The Sun

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 13, 2018
I did not really need to go on another African plains game hunt with my longbow but my friend, Tom, was convincing. He explained how the outfitter, Mike Birch of South Africa, was such a fun guy and so accommodating that I would have a great time.
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MDC Encourages People To Be Bear Aware!

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 11, 2018
With bears coming out of their winter dens, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds people to "Be Bear Aware" and offers the following advice.
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GPO 12.5x50 Passion HD Binocular

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 10, 2018
The optics industry is in large part a globally-sourced industry where component parts from all over the world are brought together to create optical devices that meet the performance and cost specifications of various brands.
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Arizona Elk Arrive In West Virginia

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 09, 2018
For the first time in more than 150 years, elk are leaving their hoofprints on West Virginia soil.
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SCI Members Add To Record Book

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 06, 2018
One of the many benefits of Safari Club International membership is access to the SCI Record Book. Not only do members add to the already expansive scientific database on species from around the world, but they are also documenting their hunting heritage as a legacy for generations to come.
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.224 Valkyrie

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 05, 2018
There’s a new .22 centerfire cartridge in town that’s kicking butt and taking names. It’s the .224 Valkyrie and it’s from the Federal cartridge people.
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Caribou And Catastrophe

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 04, 2018
Catastrophe is a word that only really means something when it happens to you, or to someone you know.
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Shooting Skills And Brain Patterns

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 03, 2018
The hunting seasons here in the States are winding down and with spring comes the beginning of our year traveling our continent and South America helping wing and clay shooters alike become better, however they define it.
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Prince William Weighs In On Behalf Of Hunting

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 02, 2018
An article in The Independent quotes Prince William supporting commercial hunting as a valuable tool for wildlife conservation.
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SCI President Paul Babaz Speaks Out About Gun Control

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 30, 2018
In the recent gun control debate, some hunters have said they think that hunting and the gun control debate should be separated so that they can embrace expansion of one while backing even tighter restrictions on the other.
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African Buffalo in Savage Sudan An Armchair Safari with Abel Chapman

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 30, 2018
I had not specifically included buffalo in my Sudan program, not because I already had specimens, but because previous experience taught me that any systematic pursuit of these great bovines involves a certainty of hard work and endurance that tests one’s physical powers to the utmost. Should luck or chance throw a buffalo across my path, then fine.
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Mule Deer In Southwest Nebraska Receive Monitoring Devices

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 29, 2018
Sixty mule deer does are carrying GPS monitoring devices for a new research study designed to aid in the management of mule deer populations in high and low density areas of Nebraska.
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Detailing For Hunter Shy Toms

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 28, 2018
Long agonizing minutes passed as the golden sunlight reflected from the gobbler. Its bronze and black feathers outlined its long thick beard. I had watched the bird for more than a half hour cautiously cross the open field. Anticipation and excitement mounted with every step the gobbler took. I tried disparately to control myself as the bird grew closer.
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New Hampshire Moose Collaring Complete

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 27, 2018
New Hampshire moose collaring for 2018 has been completed, and the capture crew has moved on to Vermont, where the goal is to collar 30 calves and 5 adult cows. This year, 83 moose (68 calves and 15 adults) were collared in Maine and 50 (44 calves and 6 adult cows) were collared in New Hampshire. This is the last year for collaring in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire study started in 2014 and will end in 2020.
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