What: Africa Then and Now Speaker: Craig Boddington Where: 2013 SCI Convention, Reno, NV When: 01/25/2013 ‚Äì 1:00 PM ‚Äì 2:30 PM We love to read the great old stuff about Africa--but Africa has changed (and not all for the bad!).¬† Craig Boddington's first safari was in Kenya 35 years ago.¬† Since then, he has hunted Africa 100 times in 16 countries.¬† He will take you back to the great old days of Safari...and bring us up to date with today's Africa. There have been some losses:¬† Kenya, Southern Sudan, Chad, the days of the big tuskers, availability of lions and rhinos. But there are also many gains:¬† more countries are open to hunting; more game animals; and the "plains game safari"--all more available and affordable than ever before. Included will be discussion of how CITES and U.S. Fish and Wildlife rules have impacted trophy importation.  

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