Remington Model 700 LH LSS in .300 RUM. Bill writes: [slideshow] ‚ÄúThat rifle has never failed to deliver what I asked it to do.¬† If I were a better rifleman, I would, perhaps, step up to a Model 700 in .300 Win. Mag. My Remington Model 700 in .300 RUM has demonstrated for me accuracy and killing ability out to ranges of 350 yards.¬† I would not feel as confident with a .30-‚Äô06 at that range with a 180-grain bullet.¬† I am sure there are riflemen who could far exceed my capabilities with the .30-‚Äô06 at those ranges, but the .300 RUM gives me the confidence of a clean kill vs. a long search for wounded game and a possible loss of a wounded animal. ‚ÄúIf I were to choose one bullet, it would be the Barnes Triple-Shock, or one of the improved tipped X-type bullets.¬† If I needed less penetration, the Nosler AccuBond or Partition would be my choice. ‚ÄúLeupold makes the best reasonably priced scopes.¬† Ammunition makers are all good so long as they are made in the USA and they use new brass.¬† Norma, RWS and Sellier & Bellot approach or exceed the US standards, though I have had problems extracting Sellier & Bellot .308 Win. cartridges due to case over-expansion after firing.‚Äù  

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