Burris has announced new Eliminator scopes in addition to its original Eliminator, which provides accuracy to 800 yards and is useable on any gun with any load.¬† The new scopes range in function from basic rangefinder capabilities to enhanced ballistic programing abilities. ‚ÄúThe Eliminator‚Äôs split-second, automatic trajectory compensation technology has provided shooters with the invaluable ability to place ethical shots on target within seconds, which dramatically extends a shooter‚Äôs confidence and ability in the field,‚Äù said Rob Siemers, Burris Company general manager. The flagship scope is the new Eliminator III with a new X96 reticle that will range at any magnification out to 1,200 yards complete with a windage compensation system.¬† This 4-16X50mm laserscope designed for centerfire rifles allows the shooter to control ballistic programming at the touch of a button--first entering the bullet drop at 750 yards for the specific load, then the ballistic coefficient (BC) for the specific cartridge.¬† The X96 reticle lends added accuracy for manual wind compensation.¬† A digital readout displays a 10 MPH wind value as a ‚ÄúDot Value‚Äù for the cartridge at the indicated range. ¬†All these elements have been perfected and are available at the touch of a button.¬†MSRP is $1,499. The Eliminator II 4-12X42mm laserscope with X38 reticle provides accurate distance calculation to 999 yards, regardless of magnification.¬† This scope is programmable for any gun or load and comes with inclination/declination compensation giving the shooter higher accuracy in hilly terrain.¬† A remote activation switch is included with this scope and can be attached to either the firearm‚Äôs forearm or the objective bell on the scope.¬† MSRP is $999. The¬† Eliminator 3.5-10X40mm scope is accurate to 800 yards and can be programmed to work with any gun and load.¬† Ranging targets or trophies with this model requires magnification to be at 10x.¬† This laserscope is ideal for basic rangefinding.¬† ¬†¬†MSRP is $799. ‚ÄúWith our latest additions to the Eliminator family, we now offer hunters and long-range shooters the best technology, electronics and optics at varying price points,‚Äù concluded Siemers.  

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