SCI Records Book Department recently opened the category for the Baja Black-Tail deer as a distinct specie in the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals and the new Number 1 may already be in your collection. The distribution of the Baja Black-tailed Deer is found on the Baja Peninsula from the southern boarder of California to Caba San Lucas (southern tip of the Baja Peninsula). If you have taken a deer from this area, please make sure you get it turned in. Only SCI Members can enter an animal in the SCI Record Books.¬† If you are not already an SCI Member, your first Record Book entry is free with your one-year membership.¬† Join for three years and enjoy three free entries. It‚Äôs a great way to document your hunting heritage and help with the scientific and taxonomic information that the Record Book Department keeps. [slideshow]  

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