Kim Rhode Winchester Ammo BoxOlympic champion Kim Rhode is the newest American icon to be featured on a box of Winchester ammunition.¬† Rhode joins the ranks of a very select few who have been pictured on Winchester ammunition packaging‚ÄîJohn Wayne, Teddy Roosevelt and Oliver F. Winchester. During the 2012 summer Olympics, Rhode won her third gold medal making her the first woman to hold three gold medals in sport shooting. ‚ÄúKim is an American hero and an inspiration to anyone with hopes and dreams,‚Äù said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing and sales. ‚ÄúKim‚Äôs career accomplishments are unmatched in Olympic competition and we‚Äôre proud to say that she shoots Winchester Ammunition.‚Äù Winchester Ammunition is a longtime Rhode and USA Shooting Shotgun Team supporter.¬† This year SCI also became a proud sponsor of Kim Rhode. The commemorative box of AA target loads will hold the standard 25-rounds of 2 ¬æ-inch, No. 8 shot target shells.¬† A portion of the proceeds from the limited edition release will be donated to USA Shooting.  

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