Pennsylvania flag

In an historic move to eliminate one of the last remaining antiquated state bans on Sunday hunting, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf today signed Senate Bill 147 to officially allow for hunting on select Sundays in the 2020 hunting season and beyond. Safari Club International (SCI) thanks the Governor for his signature on this bill, which codifies this long overdue development in a world where hunters of all ages are busier than ever, to ensure the government no longer stands in the way of citizens’ right to hunt for half of every weekend.

SCI CEO W. Laird Hamberlin said “Today’s enactment of SB 147 is a major victory for the state’s outdoor enthusiasts, and SCI commends the bill’s original sponsor Senator Laughlin, along with all other supportive legislators, for their collective victory today. With this new law, Pennsylvania has sent a message to hunters across the Keystone state that our lawmakers still value America’s hunting heritage and understand that increased access to hunting opportunity can only strengthen our ethic of wildlife conservation,” Hamberlin continued.


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