My most favorite hunting gun is my S&W 500 with a Burris 2 x 7 variable scope.¬† I'll be using that next month in South Dakota on a bison firing 440-grain hard cast lead bullets with gas checks at just under 1500 fps.¬† Hopefully that will do the job. My second most favorite gun is more versatile due to its longer range.¬† It is a Savage Striker.¬† I had it rechambered from .308 Winchester to .284 Winchester necked up to .308.¬† All I have ever used is 180-grain Nosler Partitions at just over 2500 fps from my handloads.¬† The factory trigger was horrible, so I had Timney install their rifle trigger in it which required changing to a rear grip stock.¬† Fortunately, a company (Zero Stocks I believe) was making a wood laminate stock at the time.¬† They seem to be out of business because I can't find them now.¬† My Striker has a Burris 1 1/2-4 variable scope on it.¬† I killed my second elk with this gun last year as well as having taken five African antelope including eland.¬† I was worried about using it on eland, but it worked great.¬† I will admit the range was only about 35 yards.¬† It took the elk at about 220 yards. If it wasn't for Canada's gun laws, these would be the only guns I hunt big game with.--SCI Member Richard B.  

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