SCI is opposed to several bills currently being considered in the California Senate Appropriations Committee, or on the Senate floor. The following is a list and explanation of those bills:

Assembly Bill 1254 would ban the taking of bobcats by any method at any time, except under very limited conditions as specified in its proposed changes to the existing depredation permit and hunting laws.

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Bobcat hunting would only be allowed if the Fish and Game Commission adopted regulations to open a bobcat hunting season in a specifically defined area determined by the commission to require a hunt, such as in the case of an over-population of bobcats or an abnormally high rate of depredation.


  • The bill’s provisions are NOT supported by wildlife management science.
  • State and federal wildlife management authorities indicated prior to the enactment of AB 1213 in 2013 (the existing take restrictions), that the bobcat population was healthy and not in danger of a decline from taking by hunters and others – They have NOT stated otherwise to date.
  • This is simply an emotional ANTI-HUNTING MEASURE that is not supported by scientific findings.
  • Further, this bill would result in a loss of hunting license revenue and federal Pitman-Robertson funds to the Department of Fish and Wildlife – these funds would need to be replaced out of the State Budget or by an increase in hunting license fees, even though hunting would not be allowed!
  • This bill does not allow the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or the Fish and Game Commission to manage state resources.

AB 1254 is scheduled for a referral in the California Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, August 12, where it will likely be referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee Suspense calendar (any bill that costs over $50,000 for the state to implement goes to this holding calendar).  As such, the final vote in the committee will be on August 30.


SCI also opposed the following bills which are currently in the California Senate Appropriations Committee and will be voted on by August 30th:

AB 879 Firearms Precursor Parts

  • AB 879 would require the sale of firearm precursor parts to be conducted by or processed through a licensed firearm precursor part vendor, and beginning on July 1, 2024, would require a person or business to have a valid firearm precursor part vendor license to sell more than one firearm precursor part in any 30-day period.
  • This bill is reportedly aimed at preventing the assembly of so called “ghost guns” that are illegally manufactured by unlicensed individuals without serial numbers or other identifying information.
  • AB 879 would treat partially completed frames and receivers the same as finished firearms.

AB 893 22nd District Agricultural Association: firearm and ammunition sales at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

  • AB 893 would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  • The bill would exclude from its provisions a gun buyback event held by a law enforcement agency. This bill BANS Gun shows at Del Mar.
  • AB 893 BANS gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

AB 1669 Firearms: gun shows and events (Increases the Cost to Purchase a Firearm via the DROS Fee at DOJ)

  • AB 1669 would amend the legal provisions prescribing the rules and regulations for gun shows and events to be consistent with the sale of ammunition at gun shows and events as authorized by the The Safety for All Act. 
  • This bill would increase the cost of the Dealers Record of Sales (DROS) fee by purchasers to fund the Department’s costs, currently a net fee increase of $13.19 that would be paid by a purchaser of a firearm.  
  • These costs are totally unrelated to the purchase of a firearm.


In addition to the above-listed bills, the following legislation is on the senate floor, and will be voted on in August.

AB 273 Fur-bearing and nongame mammals: recreational and commercial fur trapping: prohibition

  • AB 273 would ban the trapping of any fur-bearing mammal or nongame mammal for recreation or commerce
  • It would prohibit the sale of the raw fur of any fur-bearing mammal or nongame mammal otherwise lawfully taken.


SCI will continue to monitor and report on these bills as they make their way through the California legislative process.


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