Legislation to allow Sunday Hunting in the Keystone State passed the final legislative hurdle and was sent to Governor Tom Wolf for signature into law.

The ban on Sunday hunting is one of the last remaining Blue Laws in the Pennsylvania, and has been in effect since the Commonwealth became a state, according to a Pittsburgh Post -Gazette article.

The bill would require hunters to carry the landowner’s written permission to hunt on private property on the Sunday hunting days. The penalty for violating the law would be a third-degree summary offense.

whitetail deer

 “This bill is a result of collaborative effort of the major stakeholders that had an interest Sunday hunting,” said Mr. Brewster, Democratic chair of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee. “It will not only create opportunities for hunters — men and women, young and old — to get out into Pennsylvania’s great outdoors, also it will generate additional revenue that we can hopefully use to solve CWD, which is fatal to deer and elk,” said the article.

Mr. Laughlin, chairman of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee, called today’s legislative action “a historic vote.” He noted that weekends are the only free days available to many hunters.

“Those two days are essentially the only time that most working men and women can get out into the woods. The same could be said for many young people, the ones who represent the future of the sport,” Laughlin said. “Lifting the ban will give them increased opportunities to pursue the activity that they love.”

The bill would become law 90 days after approval by the governor. This means Sunday hunting would not be legal until the 2020-2021 hunting season.


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