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Call to Take Action—Importers/Exporters of Wildlife Into/Out of the U.S. in 2002-10, 2013-14

by SCI Litigation

Nov 15, 2016

If you imported or exported wildlife into or from the United States in 2002-2010, 2013, and/or 2014, you need to decide whether to take action to help prevent potential disclosure of certain personal and financial information to Humane Society International (HSI). This alert applies to individuals and business in the United States and in foreign countries that provided information to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) concerning the import/export of wildlife into or out of the United States. The information would have been provided on FWS forms, including Form 3-177, by you, or someone acting on your behalf. The FWS is determining whether to disclose the names of the importers/exporters and the value of the wildlife imported or exported to HSI in response to several Freedom of Information Act requests. The FWS is providing importers and exporters with the opportunity to object to the disclosure. If you wish to object, you must do so by November 22, 2016. Information posted on SCI’s website explains the issue, describes the action you should consider taking, and provides sample language for use by individuals and businesses. Please find that information here.