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CA Alert – Contact Governor Brown Today!

by Randy Gibbs

Sep 21, 2017

Sportsmen and women in California need to take action today! Contact Governor Jerry Brown through SCI’s Action Center and urge him to veto Senate Bill 464 and Assembly Bill 1525.

SB 464, Firearms Dealers: Storage and Security

Risk from Legislation:  Severe new requirements for the storage of firearms.

SB 464 would require firearms dealers to secure firearms in one of the following ways:  1) store the firearm in a secure facility that is a part of the dealers’ business premises; 2) secure the firearm with a hardened steel rod or cable of at least one-eighth inch in diameter through the trigger guard of the firearm (the steel rod or cable would have to be secured with a hardened steel lock that has a shackle; the lock and shackle would have to be protected or shielded from the use of a bolt cutter; and the rod or cable would have to be anchored in a manner that prevents the removal of the firearm from the premises); or 3) store the firearm in a locked fireproof safe or vault in the licensee’s business premises.

AB 1525, Firearms Packaging and Literature Warnings

Risk from Legislation:  Severe labeling/warning requirements in firearm packaging.

AB 1525 would require a specified statement relating to the risks of firearms and the laws regulating firearms to be included in the warnings on the packaging of firearms and descriptive materials that accompany firearms and in the instruction manual. These additional requirements would increase the production and distribution costs of manufacturers and the operational costs of retailers, which would likely be passed on to buyers in the form of higher prices.

Use SCI’s Action Center to contact Governor Brown and voice your opposition to SB 464 and AB 1525!