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SCI Opposes Proposed Ban On Possession Of Ivory Products By Nebraska Legislature – The Vote Is Today

by Jeffrey Patchen

Jan 09, 2018

Nebraska sportsmen and women need to act now!

Today, Jan. 9, the Nebraska Legislature will vote on Legislative Bill 39 (LB 39). LB 39, introduced by state Senator Burke Harr, would make it illegal to purchase, sell, offer for sale, possess with intent to sell or import ivory, rhinoceros horn, ivory products or rhinoceros horn products.

Contact your elected officials today and urge them to vote no on LB 39!

This legislation would punish hunters who import legally hunted trophies, musicians whose instruments contain ivory, law-abiding gun owners whose antique firearms contain ivory, and the owners of countless items that may feature ivory in small amounts.  Lawfully obtained items containing ivory or rhino horn, with very limited and narrow exceptions, would be rendered valueless as it would be an offense to sell or purchase these items.

SCI and every legitimate hunter abhor the act of poaching and this principle holds true in the debate over this legislation. Unfortunately, this initiative will do nothing to stop poaching in Africa; it will only penalize the law-abiding citizens of Nebraska. 

Please contact members of the Nebraska Legislature and voice your opposition to LB 39.