Launched in 2016, the SCI Life Hunter Advocacy Society was created to allow Life Members – those who have already taken a big step in Protecting the Freedom to Hunt to raise additional funds dedicated to SCI's Advocacy Mission.

Funds raised through the SCI Life Hunter Advocate Society memberships are restricted funds to
be used for the purpose of funding only advocacy projects, which shall include litigation,
marketing, legislative and voter education, and similar projects, but which shall not include
lobbying for specific legislation or contributions for or against any candidate.

Bronze:  $2,500 – $1,000 upgrade from basic Life Member ($1,500 Life Membership)
Silver:  $5,000 – $2,500 upgrade from Bronze
Gold: $7,500 – $2,500 upgrade from Silver
Diamond:  $10,000 – $2,500 upgrade from Gold

Participants will receive a Certificate and Pin for each level.

SCI Life Hunter Advocate Society Diamond Pin

To sign up today, call the Membership and Chapter Services department at 520-620-1220.

Contributions to this program are not tax deductible.  
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