SCI maintains two blogs. Hunt Forever chronicles the exciting worldwide hunts SCI members take and covers subjects of importance to all hunters. First For Hunters chronicles SCI’s work to defeat anti hunting attacks. 

Inside SCI

SCI in the 1980s: A time Of Growth And Tumult

04/08/2020 Hunt Forever

(Editor’s note: Last issue, we looked at the evolution of SCI from its beginnings through the decade of the 1970s. This issue, we check out some of the high points of the 1980s. Safari Club International will celebrate its Golden Anniversary…


Who Gets Grandpa’s Pre-64 Model 70 And Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?

04/07/2020 Hunt Forever

In each of our situations, it may not be a specific rifle or piece of cookware, but in every family, there are usually special items that have very strong sentimental value attached to them. This may seem like a strange and even somewhat…


SCI Foundation Partners with Salvation Army to Feed the Hungry

04/06/2020 Hunt Forever

Days before SCI’s 48th Annual Convention, Gary Gearhart and Wayne Clark, Sportsmen Against Hunger Co-Chairs traveled to Reno and Las Vegas to participate in the annual, “Feed the Hungry” events. Salvation Army Reno and Salvation Army of…

Guns & Hunting

Disoriented Moose

04/03/2020 Hunt Forever

I’ve discovered a place where Giant Moose lose their way. A place where Canadian moose are of Yukon proportions and there’s no one at the border to turn them away.  The Wolf Pack is back. There’s nothing like an annual hunting trip with…


SCIF Blue Bags - Hunters, Giving Back And Making An Impact

04/02/2020 Hunt Forever

Feelings of compassion, humanity and a sense of personal appreciation unfold within us when we give back to others.  There is nothing more significant than an opportunity to center one's focus on how much we have to be grateful for.  This…

Guns & Hunting


04/01/2020 Hunt Forever

Since its inception a couple of decades ago, CrossFit has progressed from being a new approach to physical fitness, to the best way to keep fit, to the only way to keep fit — at least, according to its devotees. A few months ago, one of the…