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SCIF, Scholastic 3-D Archery Provide Oregon Youth Amazing Bowhunt

03/11/2020 Hunt Forever

Recently, Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) partnered with Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) to award a donated bow deer license for New Mexico to an Oregon youth.  Because deer licenses are limited in the West, both organizations agreed to…

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Book Review – In The Land Of The Bear

03/10/2020 Hunt Forever

As we started sneaking through the oats toward the shooting platform, the guide all of a sudden, grabs my arm and whispers, 'Tom, stop! Big bear to right.' He motions for me to get my gun up and swing right. "I slowly brought up the rifle and eased…

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Fat Bolt Fevert

03/09/2020 Hunt Forever

The tri-lug concept has been embraced by Winchester with their XPR (top) and Ruger’s American. In case you haven’t noticed, most of the new bolt action centerfire rifles introduced over the last decade or so have embraced the “fat bolt”…

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Blind Luck

03/06/2020 Hunt Forever

Portable ground blinds have changed the face of bowhunting. Here’s how to maximize their effectiveness. As a fledgling bowhunter growing up out West in the late 1970’s, spot and stalk hunting was the only way I knew how to try and get close…

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03/05/2020 Hunt Forever

On March 10, 1893, Annie Oakley put on a brief but highly memorable demonstration of her shooting skill.  She fired 25 shots in 27 seconds from a lever-action .22 rifle, punching one ragged hole in the middle of an ace of hearts.  It became one of…

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The Allure of African Specialized Game: Part Two

03/04/2020 Hunt Forever

Editor’s Note: We pick up the action in part two of this report on day seven. Watts and Team Roussos had spotted what seems to be a promising Mountain Nyala, high up in the hills, at the end of day six. They are hunting in the Damaro…