SCI maintains two blogs. Hunt Forever chronicles the exciting worldwide hunts SCI members take and covers subjects of importance to all hunters. First For Hunters chronicles SCI’s work to defeat anti hunting attacks. 

Guns & Hunting

Winchester Adds 20-Ga. Featherlite To AA Lineup

08/20/2012 Hunt Forever

Clay shooting enthusiasts who use a 20-gauge have a new lower-recoiling option in Winchester‚Äôs AA line of target shotshells. Featherlite loads are 2 3/4 inches and hold 7/8 ounce of No. 8 shot.¬† Velocity is 980 fps. ‚ÄúOur new, 20-gauge…

Guns & Hunting

SCI Featured on Swarovski Optik Quests

08/19/2012 Hunt Forever

Swarovski Optik has a television show called Swarovski Optik Quests‚ÄîWith The Eyes Of A Hawk that airs on NBC Sports. SCI is one of the corporate partners of the show, and it kicks off its second season in Utah on a mule deer hunt with SCI…

Inside SCI

There Goes My Good Conduct Medal

08/19/2012 Hunt Forever

Wounded Warrior Detachment at Fort Sam Houston, Texas thought when his ‚ÄúGunny‚Äù screamed at him to get into the Colonel‚Äôs office ‚ÄúNOW!‚Äù in early April, 2012. Little did he know that he was just selected to attend a very special shooting…

Chapter Spotlight

Italian Chapter Award

08/19/2012 Hunt Forever

SCI Italian Chapter also gave the ‚ÄúSCI Italian Chapter Award,‚Äù a gorgeous silver lion, to the ‚ÄúHunter of the Year 2012,‚Äù Prince Saeedullah Khan, fifth from left, who is shown surrounded by previous winners present during the Gala Dinner…


Kim Rhode Describes Winning Olympic Gold Medal

08/17/2012 Hunt Forever

2012 London Olympics.¬† There, she became the first U.S. athlete to win five medals in five consecutive Olympic games. She also broke the Olympic record of shooting 99 out of 100 targets. Rhode, a Sables and SCI Life Member, sat down with SCI's…

Guns & Hunting

11 Days, 4.5 Million Clay Targets

08/16/2012 Hunt Forever

Grand American is the largest shooting event in the world. According to the event's Tournament Director, Mike Hampton, 3,500 to 4,000 shooters from all 50 states and seven countries will fire from 121 trap fields. [youtube…