The Namibia Professional Hunting Association is joining forces with Namibian and international allies to raise funds to help anti-poaching initiatives.

On August 31, 2017 NAPHA will auction a wide array of items, with all proceeds going to the Hunters United Against Poaching (HUAP) Trust. The Trust was established by Professional Hunters to directly address the increasing problem of poachers in Namibia. Partnering with executive officers of NAPHA, the NAPHA Big Game Committee, an independent attorney, officials from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the World Wildlife Fund, the principal objective is to be a charitable trust that aims to coordinate the administration and logistics of training and financial support and equipping game guards within Namibia’s communal areas.

The centerpiece of the auction will be a life-sized sculpture by world-renowned artist Ge’ Pellini of a rhino carved from marble.

For more information on the HUAP mission, look at their video.

Take part in the online auction at auction.huaptrust.com or download the auction catalog to find more treasures.


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