Today SCI launched a new website as part of its campaign to tell the hunter’s story to the world.  In an era when social media storms spring up, instantly criticizing hunting, SCI is putting a new face forward to let the whole world know that hunters are good people who do good things for society and for wildlife conservation.
SCI and other hunting organizations understand that all hunters have to engage the world and tell the positive story of hunting because people who do not hunt are susceptible to the false and exaggerated notions that antihunting groups promote. 
A new feature on SCI’s updated website is called the Hunter Information Service.  With support from Barbara Crown, who is known to many international hunters, the Hunter Information Service will provide lots of basic information on hunting and game species in the U.S. and around the world.  For SCI members, the Hunter Information Service also will provide an interactive Hunter Hotline and more detailed information about hunting.  There also will be more logowear and gear available through the website.
The website can be found at safariclub.org.