Hunts Of SCI


Here is a preview of some of the once-in-a-lifetime hunts on the auction block at the 2020 SCI Convention and Ultimate Sportmen's Market. You can bid online or better yet join us in Reno, Nevada Feb. 5-8 and bid in person! Register Today!

NZ tur safari

Awatere Safaris NZ

Taking a Kuban Tur


The reason for this hunt has its roots in the fascination I developed for mountain hunting in Asia during a trip for Mid-Asian ibex in Kyrgyzstan back in 2013.

My fascination for Capra hunts is something relatively recent, certainly strongly developed since 2010. I started with a small-scale project of collecting all practically available chamois species: then once that was completed in a few years, I then decided to enroll on the quest of achieving the Capra World Slam milestone.

Wild Hogs—Our Best Teacher


I don’t know exactly who went out and counted them, but by some estimates there are now nine million feral hogs in the United States. After whitetail deer they are now the most numerous large wild animal in North America. The big population is from Oklahoma and Texas on across the Southeast, but feral hogs have been spotted from Mexico’s Yucatan almost to Canada’s treeline, with breeding populations established in various pockets all over the place.

Shotgun 101 - Driven Shooting Challenges


Every year we configure our training area to accommodate shooters who are going on driven shoots around the world.  Whether in the UK for pheasants, partridge or grouse or in Africa or South America on passing doves or pigeons, the incoming presentation offers its own special list of challenges that, when understood, empower the shooter to become more consistent and successful.