60 inches for 60 years


Author and sableWe had been glassing the thickly covered terrain all morning looking for a big kudu bull and had not spotted any yet, when my eye caught a glimpse of black in the shade of a large camel thorn tree. I pulled the binoculars back to the dark shape. When the animal turned its head in our direction, my breath sucked in sharply and my heart started to pound.

European Straight Pull Rifles


Author with boar in PolandIt’s ironic that while most of the tri-lug rifles available here come from overseas manufacturers, European hunters -- at least those who can afford them -- prefer straight-pulls like the Merkel, Blaser and Heym. What’s really interesting is the fact that the only feature these three guns share is that they function with a simple pull-push of the bolt handle.

Redding Reloading Equipment Introduces Ergonomic Slant Bed Concentricity Gauge


Redding Reloading Equipment for 2020 has added a “New Slant on Concentricity” by introducing, The Redding Slant Bed Concentricity Gauge.

Redding engineers have developed a new concentricity gauge, which uses the science of ergonomic design to improve overall precision and ease of use.