A Bull Elk To Remember!


New in 2018, the SCI Foundation Veterans Committee auctioned a sponsorship for a combat veteran to go on a 400-420-inch bull elk hunt.  The hunt was donated by Trophy Mountain Ranch, an estate hunting outfitter located near Cowdrey, Colorado.  The sponsor (winning bidder of the auction) paid to send Cody Scriver, a nine-year Marine veteran who had participated in more than 100 combat missions in Afghanistan, on the hunt.   Cody, his wife, Fawm, and son, Tucker, received two nights lodging and meals and the hunt was filmed by Colorado Buck.

Number 30


I was up to 29 Capra and wanted to get to 30,
 so last year booked a hunt with Joe Jakab 
(Point Blank Hunts) for the hybrid ibex on 
the Greek Islands.

I was thinking I wouldn’t have to do too
much climbing and this would help as I’m 
getting a little older. The Greek authorities had
 lost their ranger for that island but said it would 
be no problem by the time the hunt rolled
 around in early November. It turned out to be 
a big problem and the hunt got cancelled a
 short time before.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Reminds Hunters To Wear Blaze Orange When Heading Afield


Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to put on a bright orange article of clothing when they head afield in New Hampshire this fall. Wearing a fluorescent orange hat, vest or jacket makes you highly visible and is one of several key safety precautions for hunters, hikers and others enjoying the autumn woods.

Really Big Sheep


It really doesn’t matter how much experience you have (or think you have). Hunting is a learning experience, and unfamiliar situations are just that. You can add conventional wisdom that abounds in our world…and isn’t always all that wise.

Hunt Doctors - Recovery From An Eye Injury In Zimbabwe


For the first time in their extensive travels, Lorne and Mary Liechty purchased a Global Rescue membership. For the first time, they needed it.  On only his second day in Zimbabwe, Lorne found himself with an eye irritant that felt as if someone had stuck a needle in his eye.  Four hours from the nearest medical facility, Mary turned to Global Rescue.