Armchair Safari - African Hunting Among the Thomas (in Portuguese East Africa)


From the very inception of our trip, lion rumors, lion stories, lion lore and lion alarms had enlivened our days and nights. Upon reviewing the graduated steps that led to a successful encounter with the King of Beasts, it is amazing to find how much of the thrill of shooting dangerous game lies in the process of cumulative anticipation. I believe that most men are constitutionally incapable of fear at the actual moment of danger and that exactly the same proportion is consistently scared at the thought of peril.

Shotgun 101 - When It All Comes Together


Vicki and I are just back from a hunting trip in the Texas panhandle for pigeons, sandhill cranes and collared doves and what a trip it was.  We were based north of Lubbock in Planeview, Texas and were hunting with Wayne Bolt of Avian Expeditions.  We were accompanied by four other shooters, all of whom have fitted guns and who we had taught to shoot, so you could say they were in the OSP family. 



Magnificent elk and bighorn taken on two different hunts

I started off 2019 anticipating a quiet year for my hunting schedule.  On our social calendar, Leean and I were planning to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in September.  The kids had arranged a weekend long event at a beautiful winery in Temecula, California.  In February, I was able to participate in a Georgia plantation quail hunt with some SCI Past Presidents. It turned out to be an excellent hunt!

Deer Season


Depending on where we live across North America, it happens at different times, but it’s the biggest event in the entire hunting world! Between late summer and the first weeks of the New Year, as many as ten million of us will be in the woods celebrating (and participating in) this amazing North American phenomenon: Deer Season!

Hunt Doctors - Improvised Emergency Medicine in the Wilderness


If you’re injured in the wilderness, channel your inner MacGyver by making use of whatever is at hand. The Global Rescue in-house operations team describes how adventurers can think outside of their common gear. Here are five improvised emergency medicine techniques for wilderness injuries.

Improvised Emergency Splints
Extremity injuries are going to need a splint. Global Rescue recommends carrying a SAM splint in your first aid kit but, in some instances, you are going to have to use what you have on hand.

With Permission…A New Book (Or Two)


When Robert Ruark’s novel, Poor No More, was published in New York in 1959, the proud author walked down the street holding the book up to his chest, reversed so passers-by could see his photograph on the back.  He studied every passing face to see if they recognized him.

Considering the block-buster success that had accompanied Something of Value a few years before — Book-of-the-Month, mass paperback, movie contract — such behaviour indicates just how deep and lasting a writer’s insecurity can be.

It’s a Dandy


This is one bone and wood handsaw that gets the job done without all the effort of other small saws.

Some time ago a Wyoming manufacturer sent me a small, fixed blade handsaw that bore the name”Mini Dandy.” The tool was a radical departure from other saws that I had used for game butchering activities in the past.