With Permission…A New Book (Or Two)


When Robert Ruark’s novel, Poor No More, was published in New York in 1959, the proud author walked down the street holding the book up to his chest, reversed so passers-by could see his photograph on the back.  He studied every passing face to see if they recognized him.

Considering the block-buster success that had accompanied Something of Value a few years before — Book-of-the-Month, mass paperback, movie contract — such behaviour indicates just how deep and lasting a writer’s insecurity can be.

It’s a Dandy


This is one bone and wood handsaw that gets the job done without all the effort of other small saws.

Some time ago a Wyoming manufacturer sent me a small, fixed blade handsaw that bore the name”Mini Dandy.” The tool was a radical departure from other saws that I had used for game butchering activities in the past.

Professional Hunter Spotlight - Jono Joseph JWK Safaris


Jono’s passion for Africa, conservation and nature combined with love for the outdoors led him to become a Professional Hunter. Growing up in Southern Africa, he learned about hunting the African Bushveld from his father and uncles. Jono describes himself as a second generation African Bushveld craftsman. His father, a businessman, though an avid hunter, is not a PH.

In Jono’s early years his uncle Neville, a PH based in Namibia, was his mentor. Family hunting trips, conducted across Southern Africa, gave him in-depth knowledge of the conditions and the terrain.



As a weapon of war and survival, the bow and arrow is one of the oldest, dating back to the Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon eras, 35,000 to 45,000 years ago, respectively.  Today, in America alone, there are over 3.5 million bowhunters, based on records obtained through sales of hunting licenses across the country.  Bowhunting has become a major facet of the sport of archery, out-performing competitive target archery as the most popular form of the sport.

From Treestand To Glitz & Glamor Of The Runway


I'm a 19-year-old, born and raised in a small rural farming community in Northern Ontario, Canada. I love the outdoors: hunting, shooting and fishing is a way of life for me. Northern Ontario is truly blessed. Wild game to hunt and fish; clean, clear freshwater lakes and rivers to boat, canoe and swim in; ice fishing in the wintertime, and endless hunting opportunities to enjoy with family and friends. I come from a family that has enjoyed these activities for generations, so I guess it's in my genes.

Bullets Are More Than Just Projectiles


I guess I’m just showing my age, but I can remember when a bullet…was a bullet… was a bullet. If you used factory ammo, that meant a Remington Core-Lokt or a Winchester Power Point. Yes, they also offered the Bronze Point and Silvertip, respectively, but I’d bet that 60 percent of the lead sent downrange during hunting seasons were those two bullets.