Nevada Legislature Considers Bill Allowing Localities To Impose Gun Control


Nevada Assembly Bill 291 would repeal the state's preemption of authority of counties, cities and towns to regulate the ‘transfer, sale, purchase, possession, carrying, ownership, transportation, storage, registration and licensing of firearms, ammunition and accessories. 

This means counties and local governments in Nevada would be empowered to impose whatever gun restrictions they wanted, whenever they wanted. 

Flawed ‘Big 6’ Bill Passes Connecticut Assembly Committee


Legislators in the Connecticut Assembly—members of a joint committee—have approved Senate Bill 20 to ban the import, sale or even possession of African elephants, lions, leopards, black/white rhinos and giraffes.  The bill was introduced earlier this year by Senator Bob Duff (D), the majority leader in the Connecticut Senate.

PA Legislature Considers Bill To Allow Sunday Hunting


Pennsylvania Senate Bill 147 would expand additional opportunities to all of Pennsylvania’s 1.4 million sportsmen and women by eliminating the outdated “blue law” that prohibits hunting on Sundays.

Hunters often cite “lack of time” as one of the No. 1 reasons they stop hunting. Allowing an extra day will help recruit and retain a robust hunter population that is needed to provide critical funding for conservation efforts in the Keystone State.