Tanzania to Auction Hunting Concessions


Editor's Note: TAWA has released updated information including extensions for foreign bidders to have enough time to meet the requirements. This additional information can be found here.


The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) has announced it will auction 82 vacant hunting concessions in that country through an online bidding process to be conducted over two stages.

An Open letter from the President of the African Professional Hunters’ Association


Editor's Note: Jason Roussos, President of the African Professional Hunters’ Association responds to the outcry and outrage from the rabid anti-hunting organizations regarding hunting in Africa and the need for scientific management programs to preserve species.

Botswana Seeks To Change “Conservation Conversation” On Lifted Hunting Suspension


By Barbara Crown


It is critical that the Conservation Conversation always include people as much as it does wildlife. This was the overarching message from Botswana Minister of Environment Natural Resources and Conservation and Tourism Onkokame Kitso Mokaila during today’s press conference on lifting the five-year suspension on hunting in that country.