EU Court Paves the Way for Wolf Hunting to Improve Social Tolerance


In the countries of the European Union, wolf hunting is generally prohibited. Wolves are a protected species.

There are limited exceptions – known as derogations - to the general prohibitions and last month, the European Court of Justice held that improving social tolerance for a protected species can, under some circumstances, qualify as such a derogation.

Firearms Export Alert – Use of Form 4457 for Temporary Firearms Export!


All SCI members who plan to travel with their firearms outside of the U.S. should be aware that there has been some recent confusion about U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) willingness to accept Form 4457 for the temporary export of firearms.  Although the CBP website continues to state that CBP will accept Form 4457 for temporary export and re-import of firearms/ammunition, the website hosted by U.S.

SCI/SCIF At AWCF Meetings In Zimbabwe – A Report From The Field


Charles Jonga, director of Zimbabwe’s community-based natural resource management program CAMPFIRE, reviewed the issues explored during a working session of community leaders at the 17th Annual African Wildlife Consultative Form held November 11 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

"Of great concern is the continued reference to a fictitious figure of 3% on income from hunting going to communities," said Jonga.