Keeping It Classy – Long Island Man Sics Kids On Hunter


A case of the “apple falling not far from the tree” was caught on video recently when a Brooklyn man was confronted by an angry anti-hunter and a group of children.

It all started when Dominick Lobifaro decided to go hunting at a new spot. As a responsible hunter, Lobifaro contacted the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to make sure it was legal to hunt in that area.

“Go Eat A Couch If You Want” Whoopie Goldberg Responds to PETA Slam Over Consumption Of Bacon


“To be or not to be” might have been the question in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but the question of the day is “to eat meat or not to eat meat.”

Movie stars are in a unique position of directing social trends. When a well-known personality veers from the “party line” by wearing fur, hunting or eating meat, social activists in one form or another feel they have the right to sermonize or “take-to-task” the offending individual.