“Go Eat A Couch If You Want” Whoopie Goldberg Responds to PETA Slam Over Consumption Of Bacon


“To be or not to be” might have been the question in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but the question of the day is “to eat meat or not to eat meat.”

Movie stars are in a unique position of directing social trends. When a well-known personality veers from the “party line” by wearing fur, hunting or eating meat, social activists in one form or another feel they have the right to sermonize or “take-to-task” the offending individual.

Animal Rights Group Attack Alberta Hutterite Colony


In another display of disregard for private property and anarchy, a group of three dozen animal rights activists raided a turkey barn at the Jumbo Valley Hutterite Colony in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada. The protesters had been dropped off by busses and arrived early in the morning before workers from the colony were on the site.

Because They’re Scientists And They Say So


“More than 21,000 scientists from around the world believe that humans need to seriously change their behavior — including reducing the amount of meat they eat and consuming more plant-based foods — in order to prevent dangerous levels of climate change,” claims a recent article in Live Kindly, a magazine whose tag line is “FOR HUMANITY, OUR HOME, AND THOSE WHO SHARE IT WITH US.”