Spanish Professional Hunters Association Debuts At SCI Convention


Spanish Professional Hunters AssociationThe 2019 SCI Convention saw the emergence of a new professional hunters association.

The Spanish Professional Hunters Association made its first appearance at the convention to gain some exposure to the world of the international hunter.

According to founder Alvaro Villegas, The Spanish Professional Hunters Association's mission is to:

PH Profile Ray Collingwood Collingwood Bros.


Ray Collingwood was born in Ft. McLeod, Alberta, and raised in the Vancouver area where he attended the University of British Columbia. His father was an avid hunter and fisherman who took him and his brothers up the caribou country of British Columbia on deer, elk and moose hunts. During the summer, Collingwood learned to fly fish and, after completing his education, took a government job and moved to Smithers, BC, population then 2,500.

Progress Continues on Final World Heritage Rifle


world heritageNearly a year has passed since work first began on the fifth and final rifle of the SCI World Heritage Series. Many hours of thought and planning go into every custom rifle build long before any wood or steel is ever cut. From the very beginning of every project, my end goal is always the same — to make each rifle better in every way than the previous.

Ph Spotlight – Jamy Traut Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris


Jamy Traut’s career as a professional hunter seemed predestined. He was raised in Namibia in a family of hunters and channeled his interest into a biology degree to stay close to the animals and the land. During his higher education in both Namibia and Norway, Traut’s colleagues, fellow students and professors wanted to hunt, and taking them afield was the spark that ignited his PH career.

The Yukon


Going to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory from Tennessee is not for the weak of heart. “You can’t get there from here!”  But, when you do, your body may leave, but your heart and mind will never be the same. My grandson, Parker, and I hunted there in 2016. He was awarded SCI Cabela’s Young Hunter of the Year in 2017. I recently asked Parker if he thought much about the Yukon. His reply was, “I think of it every day.” The Yukon has massive mountains towering into the sky, valleys that never end and nature’s own fireworks show, the northern lights.