SCI 2020 Annual Convention Auction Sneak Peek


The 48th Annual SCI Convention is rapidly approaching. As always there are a wide variety of hunts, art, firearms and more that will be auctioned during the Convention to help us keep up the fight to save our hunting heritage. Here's a sneak peek of some of the great items up for auction. Don't miss out! Register today and join us in Reno, NV Feb. 5-8 2020.


Sables Happenings At Convention


If you are a seasoned convention goer like me, you know the importance of strategizing a plan to see everything SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention has to offer.  Here are a few helpful tips I have honed over the years to effectively plan my days at the show.  First and foremost, pack comfortable shoes!  To get the most out of your day without punishing your feet, print a Schedule of Events and Show Floor map, which can be found on before you leave.  Highlight each day with “must see and do” listings and mark the locations on your map.  Take note of Sables meetings and events so yo

2019 SCI Convention Features Two Great Seminars With Darrell Holland


Darrell Holland has been providing exciting and informative seminars at the annual SCI Convention for a number of years. His expertise and insight has helped bring a fresh perspective to his seminar topics. Coming up at the 2019 SCI Convention in Reno, Darrell will present two "must attend" seminars:

Don’t Miss The Excitement Of SCI’s 2019 Convention


SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention is never short of events and activities that keep our members engaged from the moment they step into the convention center. For 2019, we are offering a variety of events at The Ultimate Sportsmen’s MarketTM to keep everyone entertained. From seminars and silent auctions to live day auctions and evening events members can attend, you won’t want to miss the 47th Annual Hunters’ Convention January 9 - 12 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.