SCIF Community-Based Hunting Program Helps Other Endangered Wildlife in Tajikistan


Last year, SCIF began support for the conservation of wild Bukhara urial sheep in southwestern Tajikistan. Urial is a species that is vulnerable itself, threatened by poaching and intensive pressure from livestock grazing, but a community-based model funded by hunting is also proving to benefit other endangered wildlife, including the striped hyena.

Sponsor An Educator To Attend AWLS Through SCIF Sables Chapter Matching Grants


Have you ever considered sponsoring or requesting a chapter matching grant to fund an educator from your community to attend one of the six workshops scheduled at AWLS this summer?  Our goal is to fill every seat in each workshop, which holds a maximum of 40 educators.  Chapter fundraising season is coming to an end and sponsoring an educator to attend AWLs with your hard-earned fundraising dollars is a rewarding way to spend those funds.  The tuition fee is $900 per person and includes airport transfers, lodging, meals and a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.  And, on t