So Much to Do and See!

Our Annual Hunter's Convention, which will celebrate its 47th anniversary in January 2019, is the largest, most exclusive sports convention in the world that features hundreds of exhibits and auction items. A vastly recognized event, Convention is where the most reputable and high-quality vendors offer not just their services, but also an opportunity for members to contribute to the outdoor industry.

Of course, SCI wouldn't be much without the support and work of members who participate in official chapters. All throughout the year, these chapters host fundraisers and assist in conservation, education, and humanitarian events. Find a chapter fundraiser.

Through all of these events, the missions of SCI reach the eyes and ears of sportsmen and women, encouraging them to join one of the most active social and political networks for hunters in the world. Those who are already members come together at these events in celebration of their hunting heritage, and to continue working to protect that heritage.

Information for Members of the Press

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