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Register Now For Wildlife Law Continuing Legal Education Course

Sep 25, 2018
SCI Hosting a Continuing Legal Education Course with a grant from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies,
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Animal Crackers In The Soup – PETA At It Again

Sep 24, 2018
PETA celebrates 'new look' of animal crackers packaging.
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Hunters Win Big In U.S. House Of Representatives Vote

Sep 21, 2018
The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) to modernize the use of Pittman-Robertson (PR) funds for recruiting hunters and recreational shooters.
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National Hunting And Fishing Day – Sept. 22, 2018

Sep 20, 2018
The nation’s hunters and anglers will celebrate Sept. 22, the day set aside to recognize their contribution to America’s conservation and wildlife management.
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Duck Hunt Bill Moves Through House Natural Resources Committee

Sep 19, 2018
The House Natural Resources Committee unanimously approved H.R. 6013, the Migratory Bird Framework & Hunting Opportunities for Veterans Act,
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DOI Recognizes State Authority Over Fish, Wildlife Management

Sep 18, 2018
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan ZInke signed a Memorandum to “reaffirm the authority of the States to exercise their broad trustee and police powers as stewards of the Nation’s fish and wildlife species on public lands and waters under the jurisdiction of the Department.”
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Donations Sought For Wyoming Husband, Father Of Five, Killed By Grizzly Bear

Sep 17, 2018
Professional hunting guide Mark Uptain tragically was killed by a grizzly bear Friday, Sept. 14, while he and his client, Corey Chubon, were preparing to pack out an elk the hunter had harvested.
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Pick A Side: Eco-Imperialism Or Wildlife Conservation

Sep 17, 2018
In just the past few days there has been a spate of Internet and social media attacks on hunters for their choices to participate in legal hunting at various places around the globe.
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PETA Crabs At Marylanders For Eating Traditional Delicacy

Sep 14, 2018
PETA's latest scheme is placing a billboard in Baltimore, MD urging the seafood-loving citizens to give up crabs and go vegan.
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Yellowstone Grizzly Hunts Postponed For Two More Weeks

Sep 13, 2018
The federal district court in Montana today extended for an additional two weeks the temporary restraining order that banned grizzly bear hunting in the Yellowstone area.
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