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Tanzania Exempts Some Hunting Expenses from Value Added Tax

Jun 26, 2017

Hunters will no longer be subject to a Valued Added Tax (VAT) for certain hunting related expenses.  According to information SCI has received from the Tanzania Hunting Operators’ Association (TAHOA), the VAT will no longer be charged on:

  • Government Fees and Licenses
    • Govt. Hunting Permit/License
    • Govt. Game Fees (Trophy Fees)
    • Govt. Conservation Fees
    • Govt. Trophy Handling Fees
    • Govt. Trophy Ownership Certificate
    • Veterinary Health Export Certificate
    • Govt. Trophy Export Certificate
    • Temporary import license for firearms and ammunition
    • Block Fees and other Block related fees and charges
    • Trophy Dealer's License
    • Professional Hunter (PH) License
    • Community Development Contribution
    • Govt. Trophy Documentation

This decision to remove the VAT from these items was announced on June 21, 2017 by Tanzania Finance and Planning Minister Philip Mpango.  The abolition of the VAT regarding Government fees is intended by Tanzania to help promote business in the hunting sector.

Although the VAT was partially removed, it still remains applicable to some standard services and supplies that hunting businesses render to their clients.  For additional information, please contact your outfitter or TAHOA at

Tanzania added the 18% VAT back in July 2016 to all services rendered to foreign tourists, including hunters.  The timely partial removal of the tax came just prior to the July 1st opening of Tanzania’s hunting season.