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ACTION ALERT: Tell Your U.S. Senators to Vote in Support of S.1514

Jul 24, 2017

SCI members, please contact your Senators and voice your support for S. 1514.  Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming introduced S. 1514, the Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) or the “Help for Wildlife Act.  The proposal has strong bipartisan support, reauthorizes several important conservation programs, and seeks to provide regulatory clarity for sportsmen. “America has been blessed with remarkable wildlife,” Sen. Barrasso said of his bill which he introduced late last month.  “The HELP for Wildlife Act promotes conservation based on sound science and provides needed protections for America’s sportsmen.” 

The HELP for Wildlife Act contains several beneficial provisions for hunters and wildlife.  For example, the bill includes language directing the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to delist the Western Great Lakes and Wyoming Wolf populations and makes those delisting rules immune from judicial review.  It also seeks to ensure that normal agricultural practices are not mischaracterized as otherwise prohibited attempts to bait migratory game birds.  It authorizes the use of Pittman-Robertson funding for acquiring and constructing shooting ranges on National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands. 

The bill has already received strong support from 56 diverse wildlife, fishing, hunting, and habitat conservation groups.  SCI is proud to join them in backing this bipartisan wildlife legislation that will promote conservation and provide additional recreational opportunities for America's hunters and anglers. 

Please contact your Senators and tell them to support America’s hunting heritage by voting for the HELP for Wildlife Act.