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SCI Members Are Receiving Letters from FWS About FOIA Objection Letters

Aug 07, 2017

In the last two weeks, several SCI members have contacted SCI’s Washington, D.C. office about letters they recently received from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  The FWS sent these letters to individuals who submitted written objections back in late 2016 concerning the FWS’s potential release of information about their importation and exportation of animals into and from the U.S.  The FWS letters state that although the FWS will release some information about the recipients’ importation and exportation, the FWS intends to withhold the name of the person who submitted the objection, as long as the name is a personal and not a company name. 

Along with the letters they received from the FWS, SCI members received either an email attachment or a compact disk with two versions of the information pertaining to their importation and exportation of wildlife.  The first version contains all the information requested about the importation and exportation.  In the second version, the importer/exporter’s personal names have been deleted.  The letter explains that the FWS intends to release the second version, with the personal names of the importer/exporter deleted.  SCI members who received these items from the FWS should carefully review the information to make certain that their personal names have been removed.

If you submitted a written objection to the FWS about the release of information concerning your import and export of wildlife into and from the U.S., and you have not received a letter from the FWS, you can contact Kenneth Perry of the FWS at as soon as possible to inquire about the status of your information.