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WI Hunters: Tell Your Representatives to Support SB 362 and AB 455 Today

Aug 29, 2017

Wisconsin hunters:  Make your voices heard today and contact your Representatives to urge their support on Senate Bill 362 and Assembly Bill 455. AB 455 will be heard in the Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry Committee, tomorrow, Wednesday, August 30 at 10 am.

SB 362 and AB 455 would eliminate the requirement that a person be at least ten years of age to hunt with a mentor in Wisconsin’s hunting mentorship program.  The bills would also allow the mentor and apprentice to have more than “one hunting device” in their possession while hunting. 

Wisconsin first implemented their hunting mentorship program before the 2009 hunting season.  The program’s history shows that it has been extremely safe.  In the 2009 season, Wisconsin sold more than 10,000 apprentice licenses and no firearms-related incidents involving apprentice license holders were reported.

The safety of the program is right in line with hunting generally.  Earlier this month, the National Shooting Sports Foundation released its 2017 edition of its Firearms-related Accident Statistics report. Data shows, out of more than two-dozen sport categories, the only activity with a safer record than hunting is billiards. Out of the 17.6 million Americans who hunted in 2015, only 6,700 or 0.04% of participants reported an injury.

Contact your Representative and have them support SB 362 and AB 455. Passage of these bills allows parents or guardians to make the decision as to when their children are safe and responsible enough to try hunting under the close supervision of a mentor.