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Wyoming Fish and Game Commission Deciding on Choice of Public Access to Hunting and Fishing License Information

Sep 11, 2017

Safari Club International is calling all sportsmen and women in Wyoming to attend the upcoming Wyoming Fish and Game Commission (WFGC) meeting on September 19, at the Alan Mickelson Fire Training Center, 701 Larch Street, Gillette, WY at 8:45 am.

The WFGC will discuss and take action on many items, including potentially approving Policy VI A, Access to Records and Information. If adopted, this policy would amend Wyoming’s current approach regarding public access to hunting and fishing license records and information.

In the draft policy, personal information (Driver’s license numbers, state-issued identification numbers, sportsperson identification (SPID) numbers, date of birth (inclusive of month, day and year), social security numbers, and tax identification numbers) will not be released.

The draft policy will also allow the hunter and angler to "opt-in" when purchasing a license, permit, or tag and authorize the release of personally identifiable information (electronic mail address, year of birth, and telephone number) available to the public.

Legislation passed in 2017 directed the WFGC to establish a process by which an applicant for any game and fish license, permit, or tag may designate that certain personally identifiable information be made available as a public record. Legislation passed in 2014 directed the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information to adopt uniform rules and regulations for the use of state agencies when establishing procedures and fees for producing public records. The proposed draft policy being discussed addresses those legislative directives.

For the WFGC meeting agenda please click here and for all documents related to the upcoming meeting please click here.

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