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SCI Brings Advocacy Leadership To Europe

Oct 25, 2017

Safari Club International and FACE recently co-hosted a dinner at the EU Parliament in Brussels that focused on the role that hunting plays in wildlife and habitat conservation, community-based conservation programs in range countries and the fight against poaching.

Miguel-Giving-Speech-102617Dr. Miguel Estade, Chairman of SCI’s International Affairs and Development Committee, gave an impassioned speech at the dinner. On Oct. 16, 2017, 40 leaders from the European sustainable use community joined representatives of SCI and FACE for “One Year After Cites – The Way Ahead.”

Other speakers included Mr. Karl Heinz-Florence, a Member of the European Parliament from Germany who is the President of the EU Hunting Intergroup; Mr. Andre Apollonius, the Agricultural Counsel to the Namibian Embassy in Brussels; Mr. Jorge Rodriguez Romero, Deputy General for Environment from the European Commission; and Ms. Janice Weatherley-Singh of the Wildlife Conservation Society. 

Other Members of Parliament attending included Mr. Jorn Dohrmann, Mr. Bendt Bendtsen, Ms. Annie Schreijer-Pierrik and Mr. Georg Mayer.  Mr. Roberto Ridolfi and Ms. Dagmar Zikova also attended from the European Commission.

Dr. Estade began his talk with an introduction to SCI in which he highlighted SCI’s growing role in European hunter advocacy.  He also addressed the struggles that hunters face and stressed that hunters must be active and vocal in the fight to protect and support hunting.

Zsolt-Kohalmi-Pre-Dinner-blogSCI International Directors Ragnar Jorgensen and Zsolt Kohalmi attended the dinner and helped represent SCI’s European leadership.  SCI Senior Advisor on European International Affairs Johan Svalby and Director of Government Affairs Anna Seidman participated on behalf of SCI staff.

On the day following the dinner, SCI leaders and staff attended a meeting of the Large Carnivore Working Group at FACE headquarters in Brussels and continued from there to an EU Hunting Intergroup Conference entitled “Coexisting with Large Carnivores: Challenges and Solutions” where EU Members of Parliament and others discussed problems being faced by European Countries with growing wolf, bear and other predator populations.

SCI recognizes FACE Secretary General Ludwig Willnegger and all of FACE’s personnel in Brussels for their efforts in organizing and facilitating the dinner and for their assistance to SCI in behalf of hunters in Europe.

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