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Wisconsin Hunters – Speak Up In Support Of Hunting Bill

Nov 07, 2017

Mentoring young and new hunters is key to the future of the hunting heritage.  Wisconsin is moving in the right direction.

On Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017, Assembly Bill 455 passed through the Wisconsin Assembly (57 to 32) and will now be taken up in the Wisconsin Senate.  AB 455 would eliminate the requirement that a person be at least 10 years of age to hunt with a mentor in Wisconsin’s hunting mentorship program.  In other words, the program no longer has a minimum age requirement.  The bill also would allow the mentor and apprentice to have more than “one hunting device” in their possession while hunting.

Use SCI’s Action Center and urge your state Senators to support AB 455.

Wisconsin first implemented its hunting mentorship program before the 2009 hunting season.  The program has been extremely successful and safe.  During the first season, Wisconsin sold more than 10,000 apprentice licenses. No firearms-related incidents involving apprentice license holders were reported.

Since then, license sales data show an increase of mentor-hunting licenses sold. More than 103,000 first-time hunters have been afield thanks to this license. This one-on-one mentoring opportunity gives first-time hunters a chance to try hunting and enables hunters to pass on their passion for the outdoors and keep Wisconsin's hunting heritage strong

Safari Club International recognizes its members and the WI Assembly members who supported and helped pass AB 455.  Contact state Senators today and ask them to support AB 455.

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