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Tanzania Hunting Concessions To Operate Uninterrupted

Jan 03, 2018

For at least the next two years, hunting in Tanzania is expected to continue without a hitch.

SCI and SCI Foundation helped Tanzania’s hunting industry, including the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association, to obtain a two-year stay of the hunting block revocation.

“TAHOA thanks SCI and SCIF for their support and help with several letters to the Ministry and Auction committee explaining the negative ramifications to conservation and the stability of the Tanzanian hunting industry if an auction is implemented without a smooth transition,” said TAHOA  Secretary General Mike Angelides.

There was some confusion about permits given to hunting companies following an announcement in November by Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism. Minister Hamisi Kigwangalla’s stated intent was to adopt a new distribution method that will institute more transparency in the process for issuing hunting blocks.

“SCI respectfully requests that, instead of revoking blocks previously issued in 2017 for 2018-2022, the Ministry maintain the concessions granted in 2017,” SCI President Paul Babaz wrote in a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority.

“SCI stands with Tanzania to make certain that the new block issuance system benefits the people and wildlife of Tanzania,” Babaz continued. “We ask the Ministry to work with us, and with the Tanzania professional hunting community, to make certain that SCI members and hunters generally can participate in Tanzania’s rich and varied sustainable hunting opportunities without interruption.”

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