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CA Hunters: Help Defeat Anti-Hunting Legislation

Apr 12, 2018

SCI urges all hunters to act today and tell their state Senator to oppose Senate Bill 1487.

If enacted, the bill will prohibit the importation into and possession in California of several specified species, including their parts, of game animals lawfully harvested by hunters in African countries.

Senate Bill 1487 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on Monday, April 16. Act now and voice your opposition, using SCI’s Action Center!

A number of the species listed under Senate Bill 1487, including hyena, hippopotamus, plains zebra and giraffe, are neither listed on the Endangered Species Act nor listed as an Appendix I species on CITES. 

For species listed on the ESA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service already determines when their importation (and possession) in the United States benefits the conservation of the species.  California, which has no expertise in these matters, should not second-guess the FWS.

The apparent goal of the legislation is to discourage residents of California from hunting these species in Africa. Losing the ability to import their trophies will discourage Californians from hunting in Africa.  

Should this occur, African wildlife and the rural communities will lose a vital stream of funding for both conservation of wildlife and support for the local communities.  Additionally, without the money brought in by hunters, the range countries and professional hunting guides will lose funds for on-the-ground anti-poaching efforts.

Please contact your state Senator today and urge him or her to oppose Senate Bill 1487.

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