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Anti-Hunting Group Establishes Political Arm To Elect Antis To Office

Jun 13, 2018

protestfbThe Center for Biological Diversity announced its latest move to further erode the freedom to hunt. Their new Center Action Fund is committed to electing candidates who share their “values.”

The Center Action Fund is established under the tax code commonly referred to as a 501(c)(4). The designation allows political activity for non-profit organizations.

On its new website, CAF candidly announces its plans:


“Leaders of the Center for Biological Diversity today officially launched Center Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) organization devoted to electing county, state and federal lawmakers with unshakable environmental values and to promoting progressive policies and laws protecting endangered species, expanding and restoring public lands and ensuring all people have clean, safe communities and workplaces free from harmful pollution.”

CAF issued a press release outlining its relationship with the CBD and its political agenda for the 2018 elections that read in part, “[The] Center Action Fund is an affiliate organization of the Center for Biological Diversity, a prominent, national 501(c)(3) environmental group which cannot itself engage in electoral action.”

“The Center Action Fund will invest significant resources nationally in the 2018 election cycle to elect candidates who will stand up to President Trump and his cronies in Congress,” said [CBD Executive Director Kieran] Suckling. “We will call out Democrats and Republicans alike who sell out America’s wildlife and environment.”

The CBD has engaged in some kooky campaigns in the past. Remember the “Endangered Species Condoms” project? Regardless its far-fetched tactics, CBD is a serious opponent of hunting.

CAF is late to the party.  SCI has a long and successful history of political advocacy.  SCI-PAC is Safari Club International’s political action committee. It raises funds for U.S. House and Senate candidates dedicated to promoting and protecting America’s hunting heritage.

The 2018 general election is Nov. 6 – only five short months away. The freedom to hunt swings in the balance. Contribute to SCI-PAC today. Help elect U.S. Representatives and Senators who will fight for hunters as anti-hunting groups such as the Center for Biological Diversity continue their efforts to restrict hunting instead of allowing state game officials to manage wildlife populations. Contributions will make the difference!


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