Humanitarian Services

"The distinctive SCI logo on the SafariCare bag started many a pleasant conversation between us and fellow travelers. The clinic's administrator and staff were amazed at the type and amount of goods that came out of our 'magic blue bag.'The clinic's staff was extremely grateful for the supplies and seemed honored to know that strangers in America would do this for them."
—Peggy Boren, Orange County Chapter

Civic work remains a priority among SCI members and the chapters to which many belong. This is done primarily through Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF).

Sportsmen Against Hunger™: Since 1989, thousand of volunteer members and friends have provided tens of millions of meals in an effort to meet food banks' need for low fat, low cholesterol, preservative-free, high-protein meat.

Disabled Hunter™/Pathfinder Award: Through its Chapters, SCI annually coordinates and sponsors hunting trips for disabled sportsmen. The annual Pathfinder Award provides worldwide hunting safaris to those who persevere in hunting activities despite overwhelming physical limitations.

SafariCare™: Hunters going to remote regions of the world are provided SafariCare™ blue bags to be filled with medical, school, and relief supplies that are delivered directly to clinics, schools, villages, and orphanages.

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