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Unintended Consequences- Again

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 19, 2018
Personally, as a big-game hunter and long-time financial contributor to the protection of game animals, I feel naked and vulnerable. Suddenly, populations of priceless animals such as bighorn sheep and elk are under attack from two sides.
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SCI Members Add Their Successes To Record Book

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 16, 2018
SCI members hunt all over the world and their successes adds to one of the most comprehensive collections of scientific data on thousands of species world wide.
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2018 New Hampshire Moose Hunt Lottery Opens

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 15, 2018
New Hampshire's 2018 moose hunt lottery is now open. Enter today to try your luck on the adventure of a lifetime -- hunting moose in the rugged woods of the Granite State. Entering the lottery costs $15 for New Hampshire residents and $25 for nonresidents.
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by Randy Gibbs | Mar 13, 2018
Serious shotgunners are probably familiar with SCI’s resident expert coaches Gil and Vicki Ash and how much a clever device called a ShotKam influences their teachings.
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DoubleStar International Unveils New Folding Knife

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 12, 2018
DoubleStar International has added a new folding knife to its roster of products.
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Bowhunting The All-American Pronghorn

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 09, 2018
Bowhunting the distinctly-American pronghorn can be a real challenge - unless you play it smart.
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Quest For A Hunting Future

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 08, 2018
On a dreadfully hot summer night in July, I carefully aligned and tightened my vest. No, this wasn’t a suit vest, shooting vest or even a hunting vest. It was a bullet proof vest. Mandatory protective wear for spending a night shift on the streets with the Lancaster City Police. Over the course of the next eight hours, I stood side to side with the officers of the police force as they navigated through a full measure of typical activity that included accidents, shots fired, domestic disputes, two arrests and the break-up of a fairly substantial fight.
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26 Years - Worth the Wait

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 07, 2018
I’ve been applying in Colorado for Units 1, 2 and 201 for the past 26 years. Finally, in April of 2017, I received word that I had drawn Unit 201. Unit 201 is the northwest corner of the state bordering Wyoming and Utah. It requires at least 25 points, but Colorado Fish and Wildlife started to giving two hybrid permits that can be applied for with only five points. There is usually 1,500+ applications for 27 permits.
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Under Armour's New Outerwear Takes On All Weather Conditions

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 06, 2018
Under Armour has gained a reputation for providing apparel that combines cutting edge technology with a first-hand understanding of what hunters need to stay comfortable in all types of conditions in the field. For 2018, Under Armour has added three new products to its outerwear lineup.
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Happiness And Healing At Legends Ranch Youth And Purple Heart Hunts

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 05, 2018
Every August the crew at Legends Ranch suspend their normal operations for two separate but very important specialty hunts.
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Whitetail Island

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 02, 2018
Anticosti Island lies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence off the coast of Quebec. Heavily forested and lightly inhabited, it’s a huge island of some 3,000 square miles. In perspective, that’s more than twice the size of Rhode Island, and a third larger than Canada’s Prince Edward Island to the south.
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Royal Swedish Chapter Presidents Christmas Hunt 2017 December

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 01, 2018
During the weekend of December 15 – 17, Regional Representative for Area 41 Northern Europe and Founder of the Royal Swedish Chapter of SCI, Mr. Anders N. Engström together with Mr. Erik A.O. Engström, President Royal Swedish Chapter of SCI, were invited to a combined moose and wild boar hunt at the Engström’s estate, Trishult.
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Outdoor Trail Created By Boy Scout Troop 774 At SCIF's International Wildlife Museum

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 28, 2018
On December 16, 2017, Cameron Blair, a Boy Scout from Troop 774 in Vail, AZ along with thirteen other troop members and nine adults created an outdoor trail on the west side of the International Wildlife Museum.
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Leica Improves Geovid

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 27, 2018
Leica Sport Optics recently unveiled the latest version of its bestselling laser rangefinding binoculars – Geovid HD-B 3000 / HD-R 2700.
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Fourth Annual Mississippi SCI Wounded Veteran Deer Hunt

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 26, 2018
One of the major humanitarian outreach programs supported by Safari Club International is working with wounded veterans and Purple Heart recipients from all conflicts.
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6.5 Creedmoor - A 10 Year Overnight Sensation

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 23, 2018
If you’ve had your finger on even a faint pulse of the firearms world these past couple of years you’re surely aware that the 6.5 Creedmoor has become the darling of the industry. It could hardly be called an overnight success, however, because it caused nary a ripple in 2007 when Hornady introduced the cartridge.
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Wyoming Range Mule Deer Showing Signs Of Recovery

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 22, 2018
Mule deer in western Wyoming are bouncing back after suffering harsh impacts from last year’s winter. As part of an extended five-year study on mule deer in the West, the Wyoming Range Project, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reports mule deer...
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Report Your Rabbit Sightings In New Hampshire

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 21, 2018
If you see a rabbit, report it! NH Rabbit Reports , a new citizen science project sponsored by UNH Cooperative Extension and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, with support from the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire, is seeking participants to collect data, take photos and report sightings of rabbits throughout New Hampshire.
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by Randy Gibbs | Feb 20, 2018
It’s an article of faith among guides that clients never, ever get enough practice before they arrive with a glint in their eye, intent on bagging the biggest bull (or boar, or stag, or buck) out there.
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Trophies Of A Feather

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 19, 2018
The best three hunts in life are the first, the last and the next. Many hunters may even say that their favorite duck is the next one over the decoys, but the universal aura of wildfowling is seducing free-to-go-anywhere-in-the-fenceless-sky-they-damned-well-choose birds to within about 100 feet. It’s how the game is played.
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