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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

A Young Lady’s First Hog Hunt

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 20, 2018
Grace worked very hard during the school year, and her 6th Grade report card was the proof. All A’s and a top spot on the Honor Roll. Her mother (my girlfriend) asked if there was there anything special she’d like to do to celebrate her successful school year. “There’s one thing,” she said. “Can we go hog hunting?”
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Iowa Event A Huge Success

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 19, 2018
he Iowa Chapter’s fundraiser this past March was a huge success raising the most money in 26 years and enjoying record attendance.
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SCI Counters Antis’ Lies About Federal Commission

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 18, 2018
Safari Club International isn’t about to sit by idly as anti-hunters attack a federal conservation council and its members.
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Three Weeks of Hunting and Sightseeing in Romania

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 18, 2018
On the quick drive to the hotel with one of our head hunters, Ciprian, we got filled in on all the possibilities awaiting us on opening day of roebuck.
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Flashback Friday - Last Minute Leopard

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 15, 2018
The late afternoon sun was warming our handmade "hide" and Ray Toor, professional hunter, the old hand with leopards, was saying, "When a leopard comes for you, he doesn't let you know."
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Tennessee Fish And Wildlife Commission Approves Air Powered Weapons For 2018 Hunting Season

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 14, 2018
The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission recently announced that starting with the 2018 hunting season, big bore PCP air guns .35 caliber or larger will be legal to hunt deer, elk, and bear during the Tennessee Modern Gun Season.
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SCI Austin Chapter Partners With Texas Parks And Wildlife Foundation

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 13, 2018
The SCI Austin Chapter held a fundraiser Saturday, April 14 to benefit the “Gear Up for Game Wardens” program, a foundation of TP&W that purchases equipment for game wardens.
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IWCC Public Meeting Set June 19 In Atlanta

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 12, 2018
Safari Club International will be represented at a meeting next week of The International Wildlife Conservation Council in Atlanta, GA where items of interest to hunters will be covered.
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The Family That Hunts Together....

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 12, 2018
The Maki Family chronicles a "How to" African safari tailored for three generations including all the guys and gals in the action
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Missouri Squirrel Season Open

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 11, 2018
Missouri’s squirrel season opened statewide Memorial Day weekend May 26. Hunters can pursue fox squirrels and gray squirrels from May 26 through Feb. 15, 2019, with rifles, shotguns and other legal firearms methods, along with archery equipment,
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Lessons Learned In Tanzania

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 08, 2018
It took me 47 years to hunt Tanzania, and even then, two and half of those were spent planning our month-long odyssey. Though my wife, Jessica, and I ended up with some of the most incredible hunting experiences of our lives, there were also some hard lessons learned.
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Solitary Man

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 07, 2018
It’s a funny thing, but when I look back to my very first hunting trips, on my own in a cabin with a woodstove and a Marlin 336, hoping against hope that I’d see a white-tailed deer, the thing I miss most is simply being alone.
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Savage Introduces The 110 Bear Hunter

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 06, 2018
The new Savage 110 Bear Hunter is a rifle for tough game in the toughest conditions.
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Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Deer Management Plan Has The Right Stuff

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 05, 2018
The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s deer management plan was rated one of North America’s best by Simon Fraser University in a recently published study that measured the scientific soundness and transparency of varied state and provincial wildlife management plans.
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Book Hotel Early For Convention And Save

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 04, 2018
Book hotel reservations early for the Safari Club International Convention and save money in the process. SCI’s room block is open and ready for members to take advantage of SCI’s negotiated room rates.
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Bigger, Faster, Newer, Better!

by Randy Gibbs | Jun 01, 2018
Well, another SCI convention — the 46th, is now history. If memory serves — and at my age is often doesn’t — I’m pretty sure the first one I attended was the second one, which would have been in 1975. Back then the event was held at the Riviera and the entire convention was easily contained within one ballroom. I remember being able to see every exhibit in the room in an hour’s time! Since then I’ve missed attending no more than four or five, and when I did it was because I was hunting somewhere. So I’ve attended somewhere around 40 of them and take it from me, they just keep getting bigger and better!
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Sensory Safari At Arizona Outdoor Expo

by Randy Gibbs | May 31, 2018
Each spring in Arizona, the public gets to experience outdoor activities free of charge when the Arizona Game and Fish Department hosts its annual Outdoor Expo. This year, SCIF’s Sensory Safari was at the Expo, and it was a big attraction.
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Details, Details

by Randy Gibbs | May 30, 2018
Peak “safari season” is almost upon us! I hope you’ve got a good one planned, and that’s today’s subject: Planning. Not the big stuff; hopefully you’ve already chosen your outfitter and area, you’ve studied the game list and you’re spending weekends on the range figuring out the right loads, practicing off of sticks, maybe breaking in that new big bore.
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Alabama Receives $25 Million For Sportsmen And Conservation

by Randy Gibbs | May 29, 2018
he Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources received $25,511,600 to support critical state conservation and outdoor recreation projects. The ammount is part of $1.1 billion in annual national funding going to state wildlife agencies from revenues generated by the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration acts.
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Passing The Torch: A Hunt Is More Than A Hunt At The Hixon Ranch

by Randy Gibbs | May 28, 2018
Sometimes an event has a meaning, a quality, that makes it a metaphor that illustrates truths that soar beyond its physical experience. The 2017 Heritage Hunt this past November 9-12 at the Hixon Land and Cattle Ranch in Cotulla, Texas was such an event.
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