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SCI Record Book Top Caracal

Jun 24, 2016

caracal range mapAlso known as the Caracal Lynx the caracal is the largest of the small African cats. It has a long, slender, uniformly colored body with a comparatively short, tapering tail and long, tufted ears. The short, thick coat varies from grayish to reddish-brown, with white on chin, throat and underparts, and a black line from eye to nose. Coloration tends to be lighter in arid regions and darker where there is more rain. Black (melanistic) individuals are occasionally seen. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs, so that the animal appears to be tilted forward. The caracal’s ears are its most distinctive feature, being long, narrow and pointed, black on the outside, and topped with 1-3/4 inch (45 mm) tufts of black hair.

The caracal is a fast runner-the swiftest of the smaller African cats, a good tree climber and an exceptional jumper, leaping high in the air to knock down birds. The caracal is able to go without water for days by obtaining moisture from its prey.

Here are the top caracal from the SCI Record Book.

This number 1 caracal was taken by William Jones in Thabazimbi, RSA in 2011. It measures 12 6/16'.

Sabastian Pau took this number 1 caracal near Eastern Cape, RSA in 2009 guided by Hoeksfontein Safaris. It measures 12 6/16'

The number 2 spot is held by Kris Johnson and this caracal taken with the help of Mabula Pro Safaris in 2009. It measures 11014/16'

The number 3 caracal was taken by Joe Brannen in 2008. John Abraham of Madubula Safaris was the guide and it measures 11012/16'

Glen Daly holds the number 5 spot with this caracal taken in 2009 with the help of Somerby Safaris. It measures 11 6/16'

John Malloy took the number 7 caracal with the help of Terry Irwin in 1995. It measures 11 1/16'

Butch Mellinger took the number 8 caracal in 2012 with the help of Somerby Safaris. It measures 10 14/16'

This number 9 caracal was taken by Harry Anderson in 2003 with Sandhurst Safaris. It measures 10 13/16'

Also in at number 9 is this caracal taken in 2012 by Dr. Adrian Meyer with the help of guide Julian
Theron. It measures 10 13/16'

Ricardo Longoria holds one of the number 11 spots with this caracal taken in 2010 with Jason Stone of Stone Hunting Safaris. It measures 10 11/16'

Also in at number 11 is this caracal taken by Stephen Monti in 2008 with Glen Maldane of Game Hunters Africa. It measures 10 11/16'

Alexander Moshkalov's number 11 caracal was taken in 2005 with Chapungu Safaris. it measures 10 11/16'

Arturo Gutierrez is in at number 12 with this caracal taken in 1999 with Tim Otto Safaris. It measures 10 10/16'

This number 12 caracal was taken by Kathe Munyan-Kacmarsky in 2005 with Tam Safaris. It measures 10 10/16'

Gary Reeder's number 12 caracal was taken in 2006 with Madubula Safaris. It measures 10 10/16'

John Searles took this caracal in 2004 with Johan Strydom Safaris. It measures 10 10/16'

Gerald Warnock took this caracal in 2001 with Eardley Rudman. It measures 10 10/16'

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