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SCI Top Punjab Urial Sheep

Jul 15, 2016

A handsome sheep, with a redder coat than other urials. Males have a white bib and a long black neck ruff in the winter coat. (However, one specimen collected near Rawalpindi had a white neck ruff). Most Punjab urials have a narrow, two-colored saddle patch (black in front, white behind), but in some individuals it may be all white or absent entirely. The rump patch, belly and lower legs are white and there is a dark, narrow stripe between belly and upper body. The horns are cervical, curving tightly in some animals and less so in others.

SCI President Larry Higgins holds the number 3 spot with this Urial taken in 2005 in the Salt Mountains of Pakistan. It measures 130 2/8".

The number 4 Punjab urial belongs to Dr. Jim Conklin. He took this ram measuring 127 1/8" in 1985 with the help of guide Rohil Nana.

The number 5 Urial was taken by Gary Hensen in 2005 with the help of guide Kaan Karakaya of Shikar Safaris. It measures 127".

Arthur Dubs took the number 8 Urial in 2006 near Islamabad, Pakistan. It measures 124 7/8".

Urial number 9 was taken by Kenneth Barr in 2007 near Islamabad, Pakistan with the help of Shikar Safaris. It measures 124 6/8".

The number 12 urial was taken by Alexander Egorov in 2014 in Islamabad Pakistan, with the help of Shah Ghulam of Himalayan Nature Tours. It measures 121 4/8".

Urial number 13 was harvested by Deb Cunningham in 2012 near Kalabagh, Pakistan. It measures 121 2/8".

Malcom King is in the 14th spot with this urial ram taken in 2009. It measures 120 7/8".

Rashid Jamsheed holds the number 15 urial ram taken in 1980. It measures 119 6/8".

Giorgio Barbero comes in at number 16 with this urial ram taken in 1972 in the Salt Mountains of Pakistan. It measures 119 2/8".

Jason Bruce holds the number 10 spot with this urial taken in 2016 near Balochistan, Pakistan. It measures 124 2/8".

Safari Club International founder C.J. McElroy holds the number 11 spot with this urial taken in 1978 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It measures 123 7/8"

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