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Top SCI Record Book Alaska-Yukon Moose

Aug 26, 2016

moosecloseupEditor’s Note: Several of the top ten are absent from this gallery as the listings had no photograph to accompany them. Stats for the ranking moose not listed here can be found in the SCI Online Record Book.

The largest of all moose. The largest bulls stand 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 feet (2.0 to 2.3 m) at the top of the hump and have been estimated to weigh as much as 1,800 pounds. Solitary except when mating, mates in September and October, with bulls displaying and fighting for dominance and taking one female at a time.  Bulls can be dangerous during the rut, and unarmed humans may be at risk. Despite it’s ungainly appearance, the moose is nimble and surefooted. Able to cross swamps and quicksand where other animals would mire. Its normal gait is is a quiet, careful walk, but can maintain a speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) for a considerable distance. Has great endurance, able to run up mountainsides or through deep snow or downed timber for miles.

This massive member of the deer family provides a challenging hunt due to its intelligence and the rough terrain it inhabits. Here are the top Alaska – Yukon moose from the SCI Record Book.

Ryan Schiermeier holds the number 5 spot with this big bull taken in Galena, AK. Total score is 655 6/8".

The number 1 slot belongs to Debra Card and the moose she took in Cordova, Alaska in 1999. Total score for this monster, 731 1/8".

Jason Weisser's number 3 moose was taken near Fairbanks, Alaska in 2010. Total measurement is 671 5/8".

The number 4 spot is held by Ronald Culp with his moose taken in 2015 with the help of guide Curly Warren. Total measurement 659 5/8".

Troy Baloun took this number 6 moose in 2013 in Galena, Alaska with the help of Joe Schuster of Sportsmans Air Service. Total measurement 637 3/8".

Moose number 9 was taken by Len Wurman in 1995 near McGrath, AK with the help of Les Kinnear of Alaska Trophy Safaris. Total measurement 625 6/8".

Hans-Udo Bergmann took this number 10 moose on the Rouge River in the Yukon Territories. Total measurement 619 1/8 ".

Lucky 13 moose was taken by Dale Martin in 2000 in the Alaska Range with the help of Tom Shankster. Total measurement 604 5/8".

Coming in at number 14 is this beauty taken by Michael Thompson near the Nushagak River in Alaska with Mike Moremski of Wild Alaska Guides. Total measurement is 604 4/8".

Christopher Fejes holds the number 15 spot with this moose taken in 1996 near Nushagak, AK. Total measurement is 598 7/8".

Number 16 was taken in 2003 by Mark Rose near Wildman Lake, AK with Bill Burwell of Wildman Lake Lodge. Total measurement is 597 6/8 '.

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