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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

Get The Facts with SCI Convention Seminars

Nov 30, 2016

In addition to the great evening entertainment and the great deals to be found on the exhibit floor, the seminars at the annual SCI Convention are a treasure trove of great information and hunt enhancing tips that everyone attending the convention should take in.

Here is just a sample of the exciting and informative seminars on tap for the 45th Annual SCI Convention.

Planning and Designing Your Trophy Room

Tom Julian
Tom Julian

In this informative seminar Tom Julian will focus on the practical aspects of designing and building a space to present your outdoor and hunting lifestyle. Discussion will be from a builders’ standpoint, focusing on the necessary structural, mechanical and aesthetic aspects to make your trophy room a functional part of your home.

Getting and Staying in Shape for Hunting

In this new seminar, Wayne Long, will demonstrate and illustrate the best ways to get in shape for your next hunt.  It is a practical approach that will not only help hunters to get in better shape to enjoy their sport, but will keep them healthier in general and hopefully add to their longevity. In addition, dieting information will be emphasized.

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