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World Heritage Rifle #3: EUROPE

Jan 27, 2017
World-Heritage-3-floorplate-012717The third rifle in the World Heritage Rifle Series honors Europe and will be sold at auction Saturday evening during the SCI Convention in Las Vegas.

New England Custom Gun has created this masterpiece – a rifle intended to be used as well as a work of art to be admired.

“The idea behind our rifle was to create a gun with ‘Old World’ flair while using modern components and then mixing in some unique ideas along the way,” explained NECG’s Mark Cromwell. “We wanted a ‘Continental Sporter’ look with our sleeker lines.

“The standard length Johannsen action was built with integral EAW scope bases built into the square bridges,” he continued. “A Schmidt & Bender 1.5-8x42 Stratos scope with Standard Illumination and FD7 reticle was mounted.

“The Lothar Walther barrel was chambered in 9,3x62 because this, honestly, is one helluva cartridge,” Cromwell explained. “We equipped the barrel with our Classic Ramp and Folding Hood as well as a custom sight rear base to hold our new ‘Half Moon’ sight.

“We fit a Swift/Blackburn guard to the action and extended the bottom tang, just because we could,” he said. “The folks at Luxus provided this dark piece of Turkish walnut, which was used to help create the look. The stock was set up to have two NECG Recoil pads, one in classic red and one that is leather wrapped and both a installed with our detachable system. This way it can be displayed with the leather and used with the red pad. Yes our intention was to build a gun that the owner could also use. That’s why it will come with 200 rounds of RWS 291-grain EVO as well as the 30 rounds of RWS Special Edition ammo engraved with ‘World Heritage’ on each cartridge case.

World-Heritage-3-GripCaps-012717“For this project I contacted Gabi Recknagel and ask her to look into making us a limited set of our old removable grip caps,” Cromwell noted. “We fit a trap grip cap base to the stock and then five grip caps were fitted. Each grip cap was engraved differently. One has the SCI Lion Logo and ‘World Heritage – Europe’ on it and the other four represent the four most commonly hunted European game animals: Stag, Moose, Boar and Roe deer.

“These grip caps, as well as the balance of the rifle, were engraved by Evelyn Ern,” he said. “She designed and laid out the ‘Old English’ style of engraving used throughout the piece. Since the ‘World Heritage’ Series depicted parts of the world and the map theme had been used previously, I thought we would continue with it on the #3 rifle.

“Evelyn took my idea for a map of Europe on the floorplate and made it a ‘Night view from Space’ highlighting the illuminated cities of Europe across the floorplate. Evelyn also engraved the bolster on a PUMA knife made for us, as well.”

Check out the actual rifle, which will be on prominent display at the Convention and then plan to bid on it during the Saturday evening auction.

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