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An SCI Story: An SCI Success

Mar 06, 2017

Beceite-ibex-Carrizosa-030617There are things about Safari Club International that set it above and apart from anything else on the planet. One glimpse of that dynamic occurred a few days after Christmas.

SCI Past President Gary Bogner sent an email and a photo to a number of folks, including the author, about a successfully bowhunted ibex.

The photo showed Giuseppe Carrizosa and his son, Bruno, of Spain, with an impressive Beceite ibex.

“It is my 16-year-old son, Bruno, who helped me hunt for this outstanding trophy,” Giuseppe said when describing the photo. “I am very happy with my new Hoyt (bow), and want to thank Gary Bogner again, who gave me my first bow and got me hooked in into bowhunting.”

Giuseppe said he “shot him at 22 meters (approximately 25 yards), after a long and patient stalk. We got lucky!”

“I was one of this Outfitter’s first bowhunters and made numerous return trips to hunt with him and his son,” Bogner said as he talked about the amazing ibex. “Neither had ever shot a bow or thought of hunting with a bow. Now both love the sport, encourage others and have taken several animals. Bowhunting is expanding in many places.”

This kind of global camaraderie is an SCI phenomenon – the kind of thing that keeps hunters forever striving to go more places, do more hunts and take more animals. This while also conserving wildlife for future generations.

Yes, this is an SCI story and an SCI success.--Steve Comus

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