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Sensory Safari At Arizona Outdoor Expo

May 31, 2018

Sensory-Safari-1Each spring in Arizona, the public gets to experience outdoor activities free of charge when the Arizona Game and Fish Department hosts its annual Outdoor Expo.  This year, SCIF’s Sensory Safari was at the Expo, and it was a big attraction.

The Expo held March 24-25 at the Department’s Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ, provided the backdrop for numerous outdoor activities from kayaking to shooting sports. Many youngsters caught a bluegill for the first time.  SCIF’s contribution was to partner with SCI Orange County Chapter and bring its Sensory Safari Trailer to the Expo.

Sensory Safari is a mobile exhibit that allows both youth and adults to see and touch wildlife.  Originally started to allow those with a sight impairment to learn and experience animals found around the world by touch, Sensory Safaris has become a popular exhibit as it helps bridge the gap between humans and the natural world in a way that many people otherwise may not be able to experience.

Sensory-Safari-5The Department estimated that approximately 60,000 attended the event and many went through the Sensory Safari trailer.  It was a wonderful learning experience for those out to enjoy a springtime weekend in Arizona with the bonus of seeing, touching and learning about SCI/F’s Sensory Safari program.

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