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New Records and A New Start

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 02, 2017
Two Tennessee hunters recently harvested new world record Southeastern white-tailed deer with muzzleloaders. Last November, Harold Thompson harvested a 184-inch typical Southeastern white-tailed deer that is now...
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Clays For Kids “Ray Day” A Resounding Success

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 31, 2017
Ray Day is free and open to the public for participants ages three to seventeen. Birds Landing, seated in the town of the same name in a rural region of California’s Bay Area, is a top-notch facility and preserve for sporting clays and upland...
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In-Rut Rifle

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 31, 2017
It’s almost a sure bet that every good hunter knows that when game is in rut, extraordinarily good things can happen. So when I learned of a company called In-Rut Rifles that was offering custom...
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Kobs And Lechwes

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 28, 2017
Our SCI record book is a great reference for both desk and field. It does an excellent job of “organizing” the bewildering array of Africa’s hundred-plus species, subspecies and races of antelopes into understandable groupings. One such grouping is the family of “waterbuck, lechwe, kob...
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Pre-Hunt Preparation For Shooting Flushing Birds

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 27, 2017
Just as there are many things that need to be done before a hunt for big game, there are several that should be done before a wingshooting safari. To illustrate several of them, we will compare the differences with rifle shooting or shooting...
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Fun Evening For Alabama Chapter

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 26, 2017
The Alabama Chapter holds bimonthly chapter meetings the third Tuesday of every other month. These meetings start with a Board of Directors meeting followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and one or two programs put on...
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The Spyderco Hunters Edge

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 25, 2017
Two new edged tools, one lock-blade folder and the other fixed-blade, both custom designed and with blue-collar affordability.
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ME Dept. Of Inland Fisheries And Wildlife Offers Tips On Avoiding Conflicts With Black Bears

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 24, 2017
With a growing bear population that is expanding into central and southern Maine, there is a greater potential for conflicts. Maine’s...
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Ryan Breeding World Heritage Rifle Honors Oceania

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 21, 2017
In the final moments of a big game hunt with a ton of angry water buffalo bearing down on your position at 30 miles per hour, you’ll want to be holding a reliable rifle with formidable stopping...
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SCI Supports Hunting As Part Of Lion Conservation

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 20, 2017
Safari Club International notes the recent media reports on the hunting of a lion in Zimbabwe. Although we are still awaiting information on this subject, it is our current understanding...
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PH Spotlight – Pierre Guerrini Faro-Lobeke Safaris

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 20, 2017
Born, raised and educated in France, Guerrini served as a fighter pilot in the French Air Force. Though challenging, he decided that was not the career he wanted. His real passions, hunting and shooting, led him to become a professional hunter and ultimately...
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Membership Involvement

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 19, 2017
When it comes to membership involvement, the Alabama Chapter of SCI has always done things a little differently. We try to participate in the local hunting expos...
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ZEISS Introduces New Victory Pocket Binoculars

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 18, 2017
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics announces the launch of the new Victory Pocket binoculars. Compact...
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A Sheep On Every Mountain

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 17, 2017
It’s before dawn and four of us are in a truck bouncing along a potholed road headed out to a remote location for a hunt. The atmosphere is friendly, good-natured ribbing and talk of past successes and failures in the field. It’s deer season in Arizona and scenes very much like...
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A Couple Days of Hunting, A Lifetime of Value

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 14, 2017
Moving to a new state can be a difficult experience for any hunter. It requires you to learn new regulations, create new friendships in the hunting community and become familiar with...
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Redding Expands Die Set Offerings

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 13, 2017
New for 2017, Redding has expanded its offerings of Premium Die Sets with the addition of the 22 Nosler and the 6.5mm Creedmoor, two of the most popular cartridges last year. Branded as Premium Die Sets, these new offerings include a carbide expander...
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Mississippi Turkey Hunt

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 12, 2017
The ground under foot was soft as we slipped silently through the woods in the dark, just at first light. Dogwoods were in full bloom in the Magnolia sate. It was a spring wild turkey hunt in Mississippi...
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Nebraska Game And Parks Commission Sets 2017-18 Waterfowl Season Dates

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 11, 2017
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission approved 2017-18 waterfowl season dates during a March 17 meeting in Grand Island...
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New DNA Requirement For Roosevelt Sable Taken In Mozambique

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 10, 2017
The Record Book Committee has concluded that for certain species such as the Roosevelt sable in the Niassa Province of Mozambique and new species such as Johnstone’s impala (which has not been added to a new category yet), DNA verification...
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Hunters/Shooters May Not Transport Firearms To/From London On South African Airways

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 07, 2017
SCI has received information from the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) that effective immediately, hunters and sport shooters travelling...
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